Monday, November 25, 2013

Teaching Jobs – Teacher Interview Questions

Teaching Jobs - Teacher Interview QuestionsClick Image To Visit SiteYou've finished college. You're done with your student teaching. Maybe you've been subbing, or maybe you're a teacher's aide. Now is the time to get the real, full-time teaching job you've been dreaming of.

The Guide to Getting the Teaching Job of Your Dreams was written by me (a veteran teacher and experienced teacher interviewer), to help you get the teaching job you've been dreaming of. I've worked in two different school districts and have many years of public school teaching experience. I've also been on many interview committees, where I've helped to seek out and hire the most qualified candidates.

I want your job search to go as smoothly as possible, so I wrote an eBook filled with tips, strategies, advice, and procedures that will help you find and land the teaching job that you've been searching for. I'm confident my eBook can help you.

It's a complete guidebook for student teachers who are hunting for their first job, substitute teachers and teacher aides who would like to advance their career to the next level, and experienced educators who are looking for a job at a new school.

Unlike hard copy books, you can download the pdf version of my Guide to Getting the Teaching Job of Your Dreams right now! No waiting for the mail. No going to the bookstore! Because this is an eBook, all you have to do is download the file and start reading.

The book is set up like a traditional book, with chapters and pages. You can print it out on your home printer or read it on your computer screen.

Since this is an eBook, you're not paying for a publisher's printing costs or retailer markup. You can order the book 24/7 and download it instantly!

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