Sunday, November 17, 2013

The E-book Mexico: The Trick is Living Here will help

The E-book Mexico: The Trick is Living Here will helpClick Image To Visit SiteTo be honest, when you live or retire in Mexico, the first year is especially difficult — worth it, but difficult. I found my first year full of challenges and culture shock. Everything seemed so hard as I figured it out for myself. A practical guidebook full of how-to details would have been a huge help for me.

The third edition of Mexico: The Trick is Living Here includes information about the cost of living, driving in Mexico, health care, culture shock, and doing paperwork in Mexico, among other things. Also, over the years I have gotten questions about bringing pets to Mexico, so I added a new section into the third edition (it's not that I mind answering emails, but it's nice to have the information available to my readers.) Many of my readers are Canadian, so I include sections just for Canadian snow birds looking to live in Mexico. Most importantly, the visa information is fully updated according to Mexico's new immigration laws, which came into effect in November 2012.

Here is the table of contents of Mexico: The Trick is Living Here Third Edition so that you can see the types of practical things I've included. (Notice the unique section on cultural information, available nowhere else in print or on the web.)

For a few dollars you can have this detailed handbook at your side during the months of planning as well as the first year of your stay in Mexico. It's a lot cheaper than a failed move to Mexico! Lots of my readers contact me and tell me how they have read and re-read sections that were particularily useful to them.

The first person to read Mexico: The Trick is Living Here was a Canadian expatriate. Here are her comments:

"I was really excited… Read more…


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