Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Rare 33% Dividend Grower

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us.


Saturday, November 23, 2013

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Daily Profit Weekend Edition



Thanksgiving is nearly upon us. On Wall Street, that means the beginning of the holiday shopping season.


The millions of shoppers who annually flock to their local outlets or shopping malls the day after Thanksgiving - a.k.a. Black Friday - mean big business for America's largest retailers. Because consumer spending accounts for roughly 70% of gross domestic product, holiday spending sprees are a major boost for the U.S. economy - and, by proxy, the stock market.


Over the past five years, the S&P 500 has risen by an average of 4.4% in the month that followed Thanksgiving. In 2011, stocks advanced 11.2% between Black Friday and Christmas. Even during the depths of the recession in late 2008, stocks got a post-Thanksgiving boost.


The question is: will it happen again?


Black Friday sales projections are a bit muted this year. Another record weekend is expected, but the 3.1% year-over-year improvement is modest compared to last year's 13% hike. Retailers who reported earnings this week mostly tempered their holiday-quarter guidance.


Still, with stocks advancing yet again this week - if only slightly - and the busiest shopping month nearly upon us, there's plenty of reason for investor optimism. Much of that optimism was reflected in our market coverage at Wyatt Investment Research this week.


Here is a sampling of what was on our analysts' minds as we enter the holiday season:


My Favorite Growth Trend - It's usually a challenge to select one single growth trend that is more powerful than the rest. But that's not the case these days - it has to be the boom in U.S. oil and gas production.


How a DRIP Helped Pay for My First Home - If there were no such thing as dividend reinvestment programs (DRIPs), I probably would never have been able to afford my first house.


Supremex: The Rare 33% Dividend Grower - When a stock increases its dividend, it's only a matter of time before the share price jumps. One overlooked Canadian dividend stock is raising its dividend by 33%. Thanks to the small size of this stock, most investors didn't even notice.


Own this Stock Before Dec. 31 - The Day Mobile Takes Over - Soon, the majority of Internet traffic will originate from mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. And even though Apple is selling over 200 million iPhones this year alone ... here at Wyatt Research, we're NOT adding shares of Apple today. We're recommending the one company no one is taking about ... the one reaping massive profits each time a new Apple or Samsung smartphone is activated. In fact, its stock is set to soar 117%. And its shares are already on the move - it's up 20% in the last month alone! So, before this stock moves any higher, read our latest report for all the details: Click here for the full story.


Icahn Enterprises: An Income Investor's Best Friend - When the opportunity arose to add Icahn Enterprises LP (NYSE: IEP) to the High Yield Wealth portfolio in July, I pounced like Michael Moore on an unattended Burger King Triple Whopper with cheese (1,300 calories, by the way).


Low Expectations for Black Friday 2013 - The results are in, and U.S. retailers fared quite well in the third quarter. The problem is, few of them are as optimistic about the fourth quarter - and that could make for an unusually weak Black Friday.


BBY: A Great Buy On Weakness - Shares of Best Buy (NYSE: BBY) are still a great buy, especially after getting slammed on Monday.


Nobel Prize Winner Says Invest Cautiously - American economist Robert Shiller, winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize in economic sciences for his widely renowned research into market prices and asset bubbles, isn't concerned about current market prices. But one of his leading indicators suggests a correction is coming.


The Latest Sign of a Second Internet Stock Bubble - Want evidence that another dot-com bubble is coming? Look no further than SnapChat's rejection of Facebook's $3 billion buyout offer.


Why Microsoft Needs the Next Marissa Mayer - If Microsoft wants to enter the "new era," it might want to take a page from Yahoo's book.


BDCs: The Perfect Income Investment - The more I vet income investments, the more convinced I am that business development companies (BDCs) are the investment of choice for many income investors.


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Best Regards - and Happy Thanksgiving,


Chris Preston

Investment Editor

Wyatt Investment Research



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