Sunday, November 17, 2013

This Is Your Wake-Up Call

As part of our ongoing effort to provide you with the safety and profits you require, here's a look at some of the top investment strategies we've uncovered that will deliver big yields under any market conditions.

Senior Commodity

Ari Charney

BREAKING: According to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation report, the average American born prior to 1949 currently owns $63,100 worth of this shockingly valuable asset. And its value could increase 200%-300% in the next five years!

With this hot commodity at your fingertips, you are in a unique position to capitalize on one of the most sought-after resources in the country, at the height of its demand! Find out how.

Obama Torpedoes Putin Dream

Igor Greenwald

Vladimir Putin is scheming to use Russia's vast energy riches to blackmail Europe. His goal: Restore Russia's domination over its lost Soviet empire. But in an historic twist of fate, President Barack Obama now holds the weapon to demolish Putin's plan. And Obama just pulled the trigger. It's a geopolitical thriller worthy of Tom Clancy's best work. Even better, Putin's sputtering fury points you to the single sweetest, most satisfying windfall-profit bonanza of the decade. Want the whole story?

This Is Your Wake-Up Call

Benjamin Shepherd

Inflation is back. The government says the "core" inflation rate is under 2%, but the true rate (including essentials like food and energy) is over 9%. Plus, all signs indicate higher inflation to come, perhaps even hyperinflation. The value of your wealth could easily fall by 50% or more over the next five years. Please, please, please take action to protect yourself. We'll both sleep more soundly. Get the facts on inflation.

265% Return… for Six-and-a-Half Years

David Dittman

Not one freaky stock – 8 of the world's safest stocks that also rank among the most profitable on earth. Over the past 6 years, $5K invested in each would have turned into $292,000 – compared to $90,400 in the S&P. You'd have thrashed the S&P and made 20x the money over the same period. That's a 22% annual gain on each of the 8… for six-and-a-half years. Even better: These beauties are just getting started. Check them out.

This will be much, much worse than ObamaCare

Porter Stansberry

A Washington, D.C.-area financial journalist says there's something brewing within the Obama administration that will soon dwarf ObamaCare. He says this new development will affect not only your health care, but also your bank account… your investments… your retirement… your house… and your job.

Get the facts for yourself. Take a few minutes to check out his full analysis, free of charge, here...

Natural Gas to $15

David Dittman

You may not believe it but natural gas is over $15 in Japan and China. That's 4x what it costs here in America. They are incredibly profitable markets for exporters who can get their gas there. And Australia is one of those exporters. In fact, they're slamming the door on the competition all thanks to a floating pipeline they've built. I'll reveal the companies who will deliver big profits because of the pipeline here.

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