Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tote Analyzer ML to 15″ to 3″

Tote Analyzer ML to 15Click Image To Visit SiteYou will see which horse, at any track, has the greatest change in amount of money added to his pool starting with the ML. Meaning Then you can see as a verification what is happening with the current Odds, 15" to 3". By analyzing from the ML you are detecting the Early Money or Stable Money Plays. As a user of this new software, you will notice a significant change in intensity of CT#s, the positive #s will be higher. As compared to the 15" to 3" where several horses will remain pink or exactly the same odds, the changes are more subtle. So far, with the ML, we have been able to find many Well-Intended horses above $10.00. See where the money is flowing on the Tote board, then consistently pick Overlays that pay $9.0 to $20.0 to win. The 2010, Odds Analyzer 2.0 automatically gives you code designation on each entry in a race as D1, D3, U1, E2, etc. This after all runners are entered. Join the top 2% of horse players that make money on the horses day after day!

Are you ready to find out how consistent payoffs are possible? Buy the new 2010 ML & Tote Analyzer Software, Version 2.0 & follow the Smart Money trail to fill your pockets everyday!

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