Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Triple your dividends with one stock -- starting Nov. 27

With so many investors grabbing up shares of blue chips, yield is getting hard to come by...

Fellow Investor,


With so many investors grabbing up shares of blue chips, yield is getting hard to come by...


In fact, the average yield of the Dow has sunk to 2.1%. But our group of investors isn't worried...


We're collecting big monthly dividends... up to $550 every 30 days...  from a little-known investment that yields a whopping 12%!


Just a few of our readers who wrote in to tell us how much they're earning from this investment:


"$2,310 in dividends."
- Jeff C.


"over $1,000 in dividends."
- Bernie S.


" I received $1,366 in dividends."
- Victor N.


If you'd like to join them, tap into this income stream, and earn up to triple the dividends of even the best blue chip, then follow the link for our full report on this opportunity.


You'll discover why only one place in the world can offer dividends this safe and large.


And how you can earn your first dividend check by Wednesday, November 27th... and every 30 days after that!

Click here for all the details.



Ian Wyatt


Income & Prosperity


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