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Turn $5,000 into a Million-Dollar Retirement in Just 5 Years

Building A High-Wealth Retirement May Not Be Your Idea Of  “A Good Time,” But…

"I’ve been excitedly making millionaires out of everyday investors since I managed my first Hedge Fund. And now I want to share my most intimate money-making secrets with you — at no charge!"

By Hilary Kramer
Editor, GameChangers

Hilary Kramer, "The Retirement Millionaire Maker"

NEW YORK — Some people think the nuts-and-bolts of making money is tedious. Really?

I bet you’ll be as excited as I am, when I reveal how you can supercharge your account with a new double-digit winner every month. In fact — that’s exactly my promise: “I’ll give you at least one double-digit winner each month. That’s 12 double-digit winners every year!”

And I’ll even take it a step further for you: “You can earn these monthly double-digit wins in just half an hour a week.”

Now, you may be wondering if I keep my word…

Sure, anyone can promise you something like 12 double-digit winners every year. But only results matter. So please allow me to share my track record.

  • If you were with me in 2011, my strategy would have exceeded my 12 double-digit winners promise, and handed you 15 double-digit winners that year.

  • I did it again in 2012 by serving up another 14 fourteen double-digit winners.

  • And if you had invested with me earlier this year, you'd have already banked 15 double-digit winners—that works out to a double-digit winner every two weeks—and the year’s not even close to being over!

Imagine how your portfolio would look today, with nearly three years of double-digit gains every month.

Now, you may be wondering, what was I doing before 2011? Good question, and I have a good answer.

I was working as a private money manager, transforming everyday investors into millionaires.

The more you get to know me, the more you’ll see how that’s an ongoing theme… transforming regular investors into millionaires.

FREEIt’s what I do. It’s what I’ve been doing for over two decades.

And now I want to share that knowledge with you — absolutely free of charge — in an easy-to-use blueprint called, Three Double-Digit GameChangers To Kick-Start Your 5-Year-Million-Dollar Retirement Portfolio.

Becoming a millionaire in just 5 years is astonishingly fast. But here’s the best part: you don’t need much money to begin generating an actual million-dollar retirement.

I used it on my own account to become a millionaire by age 30. I used it on accounts where I managed over $5 billion of equities, while I was a private money manager and high-stakes trader for 20 years on Wall Street.

And there’s no reason you and I can’t use it on your account. It works. And I’ve spent the 3 years doing just that

So if you wanna know what really lights this girl’s fire — get ready to start stuffing some wild wins into your portfolio, because…

12 Double-Digit Wins A Year
Can DOUBLE Your Investing Money!

Can you imagine what you’d have in 12 months if you loaded your portfolio with even the smallest double-digit win of 10% every month for a year?

If you’re anything like me — and I suspect you are — you might hate it when people say, “Do the math.”

I know I can’t stand it. So I'm going to suggest we do this together. Let's look at some very basic figures so you can see how quickly you can turn a small account becomes a million dollars.

Okay, here we go.

“The Retirement
Millionaire Maker”

My goal is to give you at least one double-digit gain every month.

Actually in 2012, I gave my readers fourteen double-digit winners.

What about this year? As of the second week in July, 2013 my readers have banked:

^ 26.6% Gain in Evercore
^ 46.7% Gain
in Shutterfly
^ 17.5% Gain in CheckPoint
^ 20.0% Gain in Cantel Medical
^ 42.0% Gain in eBay
^ 10.9% Gain in Mistras Group
^ 28.6% Gain in PriceSmart
^ 13.4% Gain in Embraer
^ 25.9% Gain in MercardoLibre
^ 21.7% Gain in Splunk
^ 18.4% Gain in Halliburton
^ 56.4% Gain in Exact Target
^ 30.8% Gain in Illumina
^ 23.0% Gain in Casey Gen. Store
^ 42.2% Gain in SHFL Entertainment

So if you’re not getting at least one double-digit winner a month, let’s get to know each other…

…and use monthly double-digit gainers to start building your million-dollar retirement together.

  1. First, you start with an initial investment of $5,000.
  2. Second, you invest in at least one 10% gainer per month.
  3. Next, you string together a series of 12 of these every year.
  4. Most importantly, you agree to reinvest all of your gains every month instead of spending them.
  5. Here’s how your initial $5,000 investment stacks up at the end of each year:






See how very realistic and simple it is for you to become a millionaire… and it can happen faster than you may ever have dreamt possible.

Even if you have a small account, if you double your investing money every year, and compound your winnings, then you’ll know…

Why Becoming A Retirement Millionaire Is
Now Entirely Possible For You

My free ($97 Value) blueprint, Three Double-Digit GameChangers To Kick-Start Your 5-Year-Million-Dollar Retirement Portfolio is not just a catchy phrase. It can be your future, if you simply claim it.

In just 5 years of more than doubling your money every year, and compounding it by reinvesting your wins…

You could grow a mere $5,000 into $1,522,408—in just 5 years!

And it all starts with you getting one double-digit winner a month, and stringing 12 of those double-digit winners together in a year.

Believe it or not, Wall Street laughed at me when I first unveiled this plan. But when I retired a millionaire at the tender age of 30…

They stopped laughing. Now they listen.

But what I have to say next is for you, not them. I’m going to give you a jump-start on your first string of double-digit wins, with:

“Three Double-Digit GameChangers To Kick-Start Your
5-Year-Million-Dollar Retirement Portfolio!”

I’m going to give you a ($97 value )FREE report, that shows you three “GameChanger” stocks I’ve got in my sights to make you double-digit returns.

Just think of it as a “down payment” on the 12 I’ll be giving you in the next twelve months.

But first, allow me to tell you what a GameChanger is. Because it’s how we get those monthly double-digit winners.

A GameChanger is a mega-trend setter so strong it changes the way we live. Usually a GameChanging stock will muscle its entire sector upwards—driven by strong catalysts that give it a competitive advantage.

How to Pick A

When I find a GameChanger for my readers, it must have a commanding advantage over its competition… and it must be rewriting the rules of its industry.

So a GameChanger is more than a soaring stock. It’s more than a rising trend.

A GameChanger is a mega-trend setter so strong it changes the way we live. Usually a GameChanging stock will muscle its entire sector upwards.

In fact, a GameChanger has such raw power, it magnetically pulls in investment capital from other sectors, boosting its rise exponentially.

Inside a GameChanger is a catalyst. An agent of dramatic change. Something that drives it above the competition. Something that gives it an unfair advantage.

Apple changed the game with its iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Yet they are experiencing the lifecycle of a GameChanger. A GameChanger only dominates for a few years, then it declines… still a player, but not a “choice of one.”

Like Henry Ford’s Model T. IBM’s Personal Computer. Microsoft Windows.

Ford, IBM, and Microsoft are still around… for now. But the investors who got rich were the ones who got in on the ground floor.

That’s exactly the opportunities I find for my readers with GameChangers.

I get you into a GameChanger early, before other investors take notice. Because once these companies start to grow, the herd rushes in and starts buying…

…which in turn drives up the share price further. Then we sell at the peak, taking our profits.

So getting in on the ground floor of a gamechanger, my friend, is how you become a retirement millionaire.

Today, I'm finding my favorite trend-setting GameChangers inside the tech sector.

And what’s ready burst through the profit floodgates are the industries that have sprung up around the Apple/Android hyper-portability megatrend.

So let me be clear — the first wave of this technology was the actual rise of mobile computing, thanks to the Apple/Android revolution. But from this, today… another megatrend has spawned.

I mean the countless new app programmers, cloud storage providers, and mobility networking companies. These products and services supporting hyper-portability are a major part of what’s called “Big Data.”

The three companies I'm going to discuss today are breaking new ground in their respective industries, so let's take a closer look as I introduce GameChanger #1:

Make Money By Hating Lawyers

Finally, you get a chance to get even with the most disliked profession in America: Attorneys.

One company is making sweet profits by putting the ambulance chasers on the run… because it’s developed a hi-tech software that detects fraud and abuse in insurance claims.

They use incredibly sophisticated math models and formulas that are fair for the good guys — yet detect and root out the sleaze-bags.

But that’s only part of the story. The real power comes from this company’s pioneering software that’s changing the way how insurance helps us all, and helps us hold its costs down.

Simply put: their software helps eliminate system inefficiencies by bringing all involved parties together in any insurable situation.

In any accident, there are victims… the perpetrator(s)… the potential for litigation… each of these are powerful forces that play a role.

Plus, in the aftermath of an accident, you may have hospitals… doctors… physical therapy…

Up 32%…

I have only been with GameChangers for a short time, but am already up approx. 32% on the stocks I'm in.

— Murphy

And, of course, there are adjusters, collision shops, and repair shops.

This one company’s software brings all the players together, and coordinates them into one team, working together. They share the latest industry technologies, market intelligence, and industry best-practices with everyone involved.

This integration of the claims process across several different parties saves everyone tons of time, and boatloads of cash. Especially the rate payers.

Plus, access to information and detection of fraud means that huge chunks of claim money no longer has to go into lining the pockets of the ambulance chasers.

The value this software offers insurers — and thus rate-payers like you and I — has made this company the revolutionary provider of services to the insurance claims industry.

Their business model has been so effective in changing the insurance industry in America, they are now on a drive to expand to global markets.

Serving still-developing countries gives this stock explosive growth potential, backed by a history of solid sales and a proven industry blueprint.

This company is one more reason we are on the brink of a billion-dollar global industry change in Big Data. And you can get in on it now, by getting my free ($97 Value) report:Three Double-Digit GameChangers To Kick-Start Your 5-Year-Million-Dollar Retirement Portfolio!

But that’s not all. There’s another gamechanger you’ll want to put to work for you in your portfolio right away. I call it…

The Online Fort Knox

My next pick to make you a fortune in Big Data makes its money as the agent of change in how we store and access data…

…especially private data. You and I have critical concerns for privacy. From bank accounts to investment accounts and medical accounts, we all need to keep some data private.

Yet the amount of information you and I must secure is tiny compared to the average small business. And big businesses and local government have information they are required by law to keep confidential… enough data to stagger the imagination.

So one company is in on the ground floor of securing data from prying eyes, servicing the massive client base in the business-to-business market.

It means businesses can trust their product development, financial data, and future strategies to this company’s secure and encrypted storage.

It keeps your information private, too. When you trust your personal data to a business that is served by this company, its security umbrella helps keep you secure from identity thieves, hackers, and even marketers.

This company has unbreakable encryption that can thwart the biggest and best data thieves in the world. But hand-in-hand with their security is this company’s massive ability to store data on gigantic server farms.

You’ve probably heard of “cloud computing.” Well, this company is at the forefront for storing and providing storage and security to the cloud.

They currently have online storage for:

  • Global money center banks
  • Leading financial investment firms
  • Healthcare and life sciences research organizations
  • Manufacturers
  • Internet service and telecommunications providers
  • Airlines and transportation companies
  • Educational institutions
  • Public-sector agencies

This company’s reach is now expanding to 100 countries…. They plan to be THE global storage and security provider for every country in the world shortly.

They are on the ground floor of new ways we store and access data. It is truly a company with a big goal… to be the “choice of one” in the global market…

…and perhaps the only company with the momentum to achieve it.

This is like investing in Microsoft in 1996, when they were $5.80 a share… before they soared to $58 in four years.

Or like Apple in 2009, when they were at $83 a share… before they skyrocketed to $700 in three years.

Only this company I’ve got in my sights for you has far more going for it…

Since they offer both security and cloud storage, they have developed relationships with both markets. So they have a lot of “crossover” business.

Paid for Subscription and Made $2K in 60 Days

I joined GameChangers less than 60 days ago. Not only did I close out trades that paid for the cost of my subscription, but I netted $2,000 in profits!

— Malik M.

Plus, they are now leveraging many corporate relationships to become strategic partnerships, going far beyond the simple business/client model.

And this company has a lot to offer its partners. For example, their unique Artificial Intelligence software has business predictive ability… almost like giving them a crystal ball…

In addition they possess the technology to uncover hidden opportunities that already exist in their clients enterprise. They offer these services through such scientific software as data mining, expert systems, and analytic systems.

These are the type of services that can double a company’s bottom line, by discovering waste, duplication, and fraud…

…as well as open new markets and increase efficiencies and throughput.

This gives their clients an edge to knock competitors out of the ring as soon as they step in. And companies around the world are banging down their door to be their clients.

Who knows what services this company will use to open future income streams? The possibilities are endless.

In short, this company is a GameChanger. Its two catalysts are:

  1. Their abilities to store and encrypt data like it was putting it in its own Fort Knox.
  2. They partner with other companies to provide state-of-the-art analytics ability help other companies dominate their market.

FREEAnd this company is growing in the global market, too. They are on the brink of getting at least one company in every country across the world. So now is the time to move on this company.

I show you how to easily, quickly, and effortlessly get into each of these three big winners I’ve told you about in my FREE ($97 Value) special report: Three Double-Digit GameChangers To Kick-Start Your 5-Year-Million-Dollar Retirement Portfolio!


Organized Chaos Is Lucrative

Data in and of itself isn’t very helpful. As a matter of fact, it can be downright overwhelming. That’s why I love the next game-changer that I’m going to tell you about. This company is at the forefront of taking data and organizing it in a way that ultimately makes it useful.

The software that this company manufactures does the heavy lifting by sorting through data across a variety of media, from e-mails to phone calls, and across a slew of industries, from finance to retail to government agencies.  

About 65% of the company's revenues come from technology that helps its customers maintain business-to-consumer relationships. These are software programs that do everything from manage call centers to run voice recognition – those sometimes helpful and sometimes annoying automated operators that let you "press or say" your answers in order to route that call to the right department – in order to enhance customer service. 

Paid for Subscription and Made $2K in 60 Days

I joined GameChangers less than 60 days ago. Not only did I close out trades that paid for the cost of my subscription, but I netted $2,000 in profits!

— Malik M.

While the core part of its business is important, the remaining 35% of sales is where the game-changing opportunity lies. These are the "financial crime" and "security operations" businesses. The former segment serves financial institutions; the latter mostly government agencies. Demand for these services is growing alongside ever-increasing regulation, particularly among banks and government (public) works that are vulnerable to terrorist activity.  

This company’s strong cash flow provides the basis for a couple of other potential catalysts: more acquisitions and a potential dividend hike. Like many technology sector peers, this software pioneer has grown through several acquisitions over the past several years. Interestingly enough, this company could end up being an attractive target for a larger tech player, such as Cisco (CSCO), IBM (IBM) or even Avaya, as these behemoths have often gone to market to buy smaller companies with strong product portfolios.

NICE is well-positioned to rise over the next several quarters as revenues grow at a double-digit clip. There’s still time to ride this game-changer before the next leg up, but you must act fast!

I show you how to easily, quickly, and effortlessly get into each of these three big winners I’ve told you about in my FREE ($97 Value) special report: Three GameChangers to Power You Past ALL Market Conditions!

And for the next 24 hours only, to get the names of these three stocks, and get my special report for FREE, simply....

Claim a 6-Month Test Drive Of My Elite Stock Picking Service, Gamechangers

It won’t cost you a cent to check out the top money-making investment advisory today. You can make all the cash you want for six months… and it’ll be on my dime.

“Loaded Up” On Profits!

…I 'loaded up' at $5.22 and sold a few months later at $9.70. That's an 85% profit in 3 1/2 months (in dollar terms, I made over $22,000)! Thank you, Hilary!

— Len S.

Look, I’ve made outrageous sums of money for my readers. It’s why they call me “The Retirement Millionaire Maker.”

You get only specially selected low risk, high return ground-floor gamechanging picks… so you’ll never fear not knowing what to invest in, ever again.

In fact, here’s everything you get in your 100% risk-free 6-month test drive of GameChangers:

  • Your Own Personal Risk-Eliminating Strategy… my GameChangers portfolio is stuffed with over 20 top stocks, carefully arranged into three categories:
    Conservative: predictable earnings and dividend yields
    Moderate: faster returns, mild volatility
    Aggressive: biggest returns, more volatile

    All you have to do is simply follow my allocation strategy and assemble your portfolio using some of the lowest risk, biggest gainers in the market!

  • Your Fast-Start Top 3 Stocks… A fast and simple way to get started, these are the hottest stocks right now. Plus, you’ll get…

  • Laser-Precise “Buy Below” Prices…. You get exact “Buy Below” prices for each and every stock on the GameChangers Buy List. You simply determine if a stock you want is below my buy price… then you can buy worry-free with minimized risk, at a price researched to maximize your return.

  • New Winning Stocks Every Month… as hand-picked by my team, and screened through my stiff 8-step formula. You get one to three new plays each month, with the highest potential to exploit this ongoing economic malaise.

  • FLASH ALERTS… when breaking news impacts our stocks or strategy, I notify you immediately by email. No waiting around until the opportunity passes you by. Also, should a market crash show up on the horizon — I notify you to pull the plug, before the damage is done.

  • Weekly Updates… you’ll never invest alone as a member of GameChangers. I keep in touch with you, every week, with my latest research and market analysis. You’ll get critical up-to-the minute intelligence on where stocks are… and where they’re going… so you can stay a step ahead of Wall Street.

  • V.I.P. Access To Our Private Website… where you’ll find your monthly issue, as well as archives of all prior issues, updates, and alerts. Plus, you can download any and all reports from my comprehensive library of wealth building research reports, print them out, and read them anywhere you want.

  • A Members-Only Forum… our lively Forum gets your questions answered personally. I’m on the boards daily answering your questions and posting stock updates. Or, you can bounce ideas off of fellow members of your vibrant GameChangers community.

With all these tools,

Finally, Financial Independence
Is Within Your Grasp!

I absolutely love what I’m doing.

You see, I didn’t grow up rich. So I’ve worked with all types of people. People I grew up with. My family. My friends. And it’s always the same. People want to achieve the American Dream. To amass wealth. To become rich. To Retire comfortably.

I made my first million at age 30. And retired from the power corridors in Wall Street at age 37, returned to find my roots, and work with the kind of people I’ve known all my life…

Not the stuffed-shirt self-important Hedge Fund managers I’ve made millions for. Or the idiot analysts, like that colossal boob Jim Cramer.

These are the type of people I could easily charge $10,000 a year for a monthly advisory service with the caliber of GameChangers. And I could get $10K, easily. But to be blunt, if I liked working with those kind of people, I’d still be with them.

However, I’ve wanted to keep GameChangers within everyone’s reach. In Particular, my people’s reach. So not even half that ten thousand dollars will get my advice into the hands of the people I want to help.

And sure, some may say for getting a new double-digit win every month — fourteen in 2012 — even a high price like $3,500 a year would be a bargain.

These people would say $3,500 is entirely affordable… because they’d only have to put aside their membership fee from their future wins.

Yet you won’t even pay that. If you are willing to act within the next 24 hours, you can get everything above…

A bundle well worth $10,000 a year…

…for a mere fraction of that price.

Now we usually charge $499 for this service.

Yet for the next 24 hours, you can get an additional $400 a year off the retail price.

Which means, for the next 24 hours, you pay a mere $99 for an entire year. Or, you can lock in a two years, saving $800 — for a meager $199.

That’s a ridiculously low 28 cents a day — for ground-floor mega-trend investments that can change your life. The price of one-fourth a cup of coffee — or a Junior Mint at the cash register.

Yet you only have 24 hours to get this deep discount. But you can lock in this low membership price if you click the button below NOW:

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Either Way, You Have A
Life-Changing Decision to Make

You can continue to sit on the sidelines in fear, as taxes and inflation eat up your nest egg. You can worry about every penny you could lose… and every opportunity you will lose, when the market rebounds.

You can fear outliving your money. Having to choose someday between being dependent on your kids — or the government — or of being broke and alone.

I’ve heard that some people think living in fear keeps them safe: they’re always on the lookout for danger. Keeping them extra vigilant.

But it also keeps them in poverty.

So now you are at a crossroads…

Because for anyone over 50, living in fear is a fast-track to the poorhouse, with growing taxes, inflation, and medical bills.

When instead, you can take step up and take charge of your financial future with a 6-month test drive, a no-risk trial membership, where you can join my community of successful investors at GameChangers, who are making money in this market… and will cash in hand-over-fist when it dips.

But even still…

In Case You Have Any Doubts…
Here’s My Zero-Risk “Triple Guarantee”

I’m going to remove all risk from you, and take it on my shoulders. I’m going to make sure you are protected with my unique Zero-Risk Triple Guarantee.

Guarantee #1 — One NEW Double-Digit Winner Each Month:

Claim your 6-month test drive to GameChangers. Make sure you pocket a NEW double-digit winner every month, just like a PROMISED you would.

Even after making your big winnings… don’t even worry about deciding to subscribe until midnight of the 159th day…

Yet on top of Guarantee #1, you also get…

Guarantee #2 — 100% Satisfaction:

You must agree GameChangers meets or exceeds your expectations in every way. You MUST be 100% satisfied with your membership. If for any reason — any reason at all — you wish to cancel in the first six months, I will INSIST you accept an IMMEDIATE refund of every cent you paid.

…because you MUST be COMPLETELY DELIGHTED with the investments I give you. Or I will RUSH you an immediate full refund. Every cent.

No worries… and no questions asked.

And we’ll still be friends.

You can even say the dog ate it. Because your reason isn’t the issue… your satisfaction is.

Bottom line: your complete satisfaction is 100% guaranteed for six full months.

Now, you also get…

Guarantee #3: A FULL YEAR Of Guaranteed Satisfaction.

Track your earnings. Put them under a microscope. Because even after the first 6 months, you are still protected. If you desire to cancel anytime after 6 months, for whatever reason, I will RUSH you a refund for the remaining portion of your membership.

Plus, you get to keep all of the special reports, all of your wins, and any bonuses — with my compliments.

So you are triple protected. You have no risk. There is nothing to lose.

So please don’t hesitate — not even for a second. Click the button below to join GameChangers now, before this offer times out:

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But There Is A Catch…

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Please, I urge you… don’t let that happen to you. Because when you add in everything you’re getting…

PLUS the gains you’ll make during this horrid economy — without worries or fear…

PLUS the soaring wins you’ll make when you’re in the market during its rebound…

PLUS the fact that you’ve got an iron-clad 3-way guarantee…

I think you‘ll agree — this is an offer you can’t afford to miss.

But the clock’s ticking. Midnight comes fast. But there’s no reason not to give it a try, when it’s completely risk-free.

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Click the button below now, risk free:

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Yours for Bigger Profits More Often,

Signed- Hilary Kramer
Hilary Kramer
Editor, GameChangers

P.S. It’s time for you to stop waiting for returns… and started pocketing a double-digit winner every month like my readers do, year after year.

But it expires at midnight tomorrow night. Claim your risk-free trial now:

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P.P.S. I may have been a little too optimistic on my timeline. This market could dive sooner than I thought… and these ground-floor undervalued opportunities may go up in price faster than I previously imagined.

Please, I urge you, don’t miss out on any of these high-profit opportunities.

This is a triple-guaranteed service that will show you how to exploit every weakness in the economy by picking ground-floor gamechangers… and giving you a proven rock-solid method that will overcome every fear you have of investing in ANY market… while handing you lifelong financial independence with routine double and triple-digit wins.


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