Saturday, November 23, 2013

Utility CEOs: Who's Got the Right Stuff?

The Next Natural Gas Revolution

During the first natural gas revolution, early investors saw stunning gains… like 351% in Continental Resources. And gains of 1,769% in Chart Industries, meaning $10,000 invested turned into $186,900 in just 4 years.

If you missed that boat, don't worry. Because half a world away, an ambitious country is quietly laying the foundation for another energy bonanza. It's a $200 billion bet to corner the liquefied natural gas market in the Far East, and it's your best chance to get in on the next natural gas revolution.

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Shipping Up To Boston

The stock of this Beantown-based online travel company is an enticing port of call for anyone's portfolio. - READ MORE

Sometimes Talk Is All It Takes

In recent weeks, the Reserve Bank of Australia, constrained by the policymaking of its US counterpart, has undertaken a jawboning campaign to undermine the Australian dollar. - READ MORE

How to Outperform All the Best Retirement Funds

This one "retirement" plan averages 9.3% annual gains. Since 2000, it's earned 218% total – more than tripling your money. $50,000 is now $159,000. This little-known retirement plan has been around for 24 years. And retirees and soon-to-be retirees are 1,667% richer! $50,000 is now almost $900,000.

Best yet… there are NO fund fees. NO maintenance fees. NO service fees. It simply earns bigger, safer gains that are ignored by most investors.

Details here.

Exploring Frontier Markets

As emerging markets encounter challenges, investors can look even further afield on the globe for outsized gains. - READ MORE

China's New Reform Program: Will It Happen?

The action of China stocks will tell the tale. - READ MORE

Home Depot: The Right Tool for the Job

Rising renovation spending, improved customer service and a smart expansion strategy point to continued growth for the home-improvement giant. - READ MORE

Re-Enter the Dragon

New plans to further open China's markets could offer attractive new diversification opportunities to protect portfolios against inflation. - READ MORE

Obama to leave ticking time bomb for next president

While the talking heads on TV are focused on another Middle Eastern military conflict…

There's a far more important – and potentially dangerous – issue confronting the nation. It's a ticking time bomb that will almost certainly affect the next presidential election.

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Consol Energy: Carrying Coal into the Future

The company's diversification project is paying dividends. - READ MORE

Demographics Bolster Canada's Housing Market

Though economists are increasingly worried about a hard landing for Canada's real estate market, the country's influx of immigrants could help cushion prices. - READ MORE

There's No Stopping the Oil Sands Train

The controversial Keystone XL pipeline is just one possible escape route, so one way or another the crude will find its way to markets. - READ MORE

Utility CEOs: Who's Got the Right Stuff?

A review of firms' strategy presentations at a recent industry conference reveals which utility execs may be best positioned to deliver long-term shareholder value. - READ MORE

Investing in the #1 Country for Startups

Sadly, it's not America. We're 47th. But this country loves business. Its corporate tax rate is a low 15%. This country welcomes business and wealth creation. It has the lowest inflation rate in the world. Every household in this country is richer than an American household by $43,000. Investing here is a natural alternative for savvy investors looking for even more profits.

Here are 5 of this country's best stocks that could make the coming few years the most lucrative investment stretch of your life.

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