Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Will Obamacare kill the economy in 2014?

Will Obamacare KILL
the U.S. economy
in 2014?

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Dear Friend,

I've never seen a time when the debate on our blog was hotter! Yesterday, for instance, we asked you ...

Will the Fed end its money printing and bond buying scheme in 2014?

If so, how will the end of QE-Infinity impact the U.S. economy and stock market?

Believe me: The debate became very heated, very quickly!

Most readers feel strongly that the Fed will continue printing money throughout 2014 — or at least until the whole house of cards collapses ...

Eric writes ...

"I do not believe they will be able to end QE because the federal and state governments can't bear higher interest rates."

E. agrees ...

"The Fed will NEVER end its QE and printing dollars out of thin air," he says. "They can't! Just think about it. The economy stinks no matter what the government tells us. They lie with statistics."

Susan says ...

"Yellen will not only not taper, but will increase QE in 2014. The Fed cannot taper without wrecking the entire economy and crashing the markets."

Bert minces no words ...

"QE will continue until the currency is destroyed."

But many others disagree; they say that QE must end soon. For instance, Marvin writes ...

"I think the Fed will start tapering in March 2014 and continue until no QE by Sep. 2014. ... Interest rates will rise as inflation rises, stocks will pull back at least 10%, but partially recover by yearend."

Jeff feels that QE will most likely end in 2014 as the world dumps the greenback:

"The Fed will continue QE until the dollar loses its reserve currency status. The decision to dump the dollar will probably occur in 2014, but possibly not until 2015."

J. Clark seems to agree, saying ...

"Enough people have said this printing of funny money can only end very, very badly. I think I know how the turkey feels as Thanksgiving day draws closer."

What are YOUR forecasts for 2014?

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What impact will the full implementation of Obamacare have on the Federal deficit, the U.S. economy, the investment markets and the U.S. dollar in 2014?

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Best wishes,

Jennifer Amos
Vice President, Money and Markets

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