Monday, November 18, 2013

You might have a check coming

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Dear Investor,
Out in Wyoming there's an oil wildcatter. One who'd hit a sizeable find. This outfit could surface as a Peter Lynch-style 30-bagger winner.

Its potential is staggering... the type of opportunity that only comes by once or twice in a lifetime.

They currently own almost 1000 wells in the biggest oil reserve ever found, all part of the same "Ocean of Oil" formation in Wyoming:

The Green River Basin, Big Horn Basin and Powder River Basin...

Together, they hold 3 TRILLION barrels of oil! That's three times the total amount of oil consumed since humans emerged from the cave.

That's enough oil to boost America's production past the Saudis in a little more than five years.
And this company's snatched up leases to over 200,000 acres, smack-dab in the middle of the action.
Now, I could tell you all the juicy details. Like how they've had such a stellar 3rd quarter, that they're going to start paying out monthly dividends. Starting in January of next year, in fact.

I could tell you how you could soon take a leisurely stroll to your mailbox, every month, to pull out fat stacks of dividend checks...

I could even tell you how it's tax favored, that you may pay zero taxes on your earnings. And how it's setting oil production records.

I could tell you how their dividend is packing a walloping 10% plus. And how that dividend's been increasing for the last 16 quarters... with no sign of stopping, either.

But if I were to dwell on all that information, you'd miss the most potentially profitable piece of all:

The word is, my favorite pick may be on a short list of potential takeover targets by a Big Oil suitor who wants to clinch their stake hold in this monster U.S. Oil basin.

Imagine, if only one play could set you up for life. This is the one that could do it.

At the very least, you'll make one of the safest, highest yields available today. But at most, you could soon retire to a tropical island.

Either way, don't waste this opportunity. You'll miss out on what may be the biggest profits our generation has seen in 20 years.

Get the full scoop right here.It may be the most important and exciting market intel you've read in 2013.

Stephen Leeb
Yours For Bigger Winners More Often,

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Stephen Leeb, Ph.D.
Research Chairman
Leeb Publishing

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P.S. How can anyone resist a yield over 10%—and a possible target of a takeover war, that could literally make you rich overnight?
Grab this exciting opportunity by going here, now, before it passes you by.

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